Saturday, October 28, 2006


I love dangly earrings.

But not every dangly earring; there are some ugly-ass earrings out there.

My friend, Jenny, says that a pair of dangly earrings can make pajamas look glamorous. She is rarely seen without some funky bauble dusting her jawline.

Last spring I bought a wonderful pair of dangly East Asian-inpsired earrings with all sorts of beads and clanky charms jingle jangling all over the place.
I wore them alot and constantly fought off my baby's grabby little fingers. He couldn't resist all that action swinging from Mama's ears and I didn't want my earlobes bleeding.
But, I started getting the feeling that my signature earrings were bad luck; perhaps loaded with some mass-produced Hindu curse.
Firstly, I wore them to a job interview that I swear I nailed, but they never calle dme back.
I wore them the day I fell down and ruptured the quad tendon in my right knee. I'm still wearing the brace, BTW.
I tried to lose them that day by taking them off and throwing them down in a friend's car, but they made their way back.

Next I was wearing them when an orthopedic doctor told me how bad my injury was and that I needed surgery immediately.
I threw them in the garbage that time.
Maybe they weren't really cursed. I know they weren't and sometimes I want to go back to World Cost Plus Market tand get another pair.

Thursday I was standing next to a display of dangly earring. Buy One Get One Free!I impulsively bought two pairs of extra-dangly, sparkly, swingy, swanky earrings. I love moving my head any little way and feeling the jingle bells.
Batman Smells.
Mama has new jewelry.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good News

I hate those people who wheeny-whine about all their problems, so of course I don't want to be like that. I want to be positive and full of good news.
I know this is a matter of perspective. Of course it could always be worse; I could live in Bagdad. Shudder.
Good News is that I am working of recovering from my sick addiction to destructive relationships. I am re-reading my book "Women Who Love Too Much" and it's sinking in even more deeply than the first time.
My friend Jenny has been telling me for months that I needed to read it again, but I put it off, thinking I've learned my lesson, I can handle it now.
I can't reverse a lifetime of thinking and acting so easily. It takes a long time.
NO wonder people stay stuck in ruts, it's really hard to change. I know, because I'm trying.