Friday, September 29, 2006

Wind in the Quakies

"Road to the River" by Maynard Dixon

Oregon is being blessed by a most magnificent Indian Summer. The sun was shining bright and hot today.
I got outside and I watched the sun swinging and swaying behind a cottonwood changing color.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Moving homes and joints

Another long stretch without a post.
This time I moved. We were living on a third floor apartment and with my knee injury it was pretty impossible to leave the house.
Now we are on a bottom floor apartment. As far as moves go, this one was pretty easy. We literally moved across the parking lot. Still, some things are missing and I hope to find them.
Among the missing: J's passport (!)
My 2nd pair of glasses
A ream of printer paper
Instruction booklet for digital camera
By listing them, I'm hoping the universe returns them, especialy the passport, although I think J probably misplaced it before we moved; he likes to think it's my fault.

I can bend my knee at bout a 30 degree angle; Hooray!, I can sit in the front seat of a car again. Prior to this I had to sit in the back with my leg straight.
It is going to be another 8 weeks or more before I'm allowed to drive again. Let me tell you what a hassle that is!
Physical therapy isn't so bad, my mom had her knee replaced last year and she had me all scared about going to p.t. but really they have me doing such small exercies, it dosn't hurt.
However trying to bend my knee and keep it bent does make it a little sore.
Just take my advice; never, ever rupture a tendon.
My injury does make me extremely grateful for the miracle of modern medicine.
If I were alive 100 or more years ago, I'd be crippled for life. Seriously.
I feel really sorry for all the people in all the centuries past who mangled their knees and just had to live with it.
Thank you Jesus for Kaiser Permanente!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

College and the Things I Didn't Learn.

The lead opinion piece in Sunday's Oregonian was written by a college professor who was bitching about infantile college students.
She had some very excellent points such as: Why are we paying out the ass for college when most college students spend their time socializing and drinking and once they graduate they can barely balance a checkbook?
Ah, college. . . that blissful waste of time between childhood and the 40 hours a week of grey cubicle you will call 'work' for the rest of your life.
I remember college and I specifically remember sititng in my car many a lonely night, anxious to get away from the pressure of socializing and drinking and trying to act all cool and stuff.
I was able to pick up some radio stations from southern California at night, and thats when I heard Mr. KFI.
His talk radio show was so great. Every night he took random calls from all segments of humanity. He had no topics, no screeners and no agenda. He talked to everybody who called in about whatever was on their minds.
Mr. KFI fans had a favorite conspiracy theory having to do with Rubic's Cubes and secret government tests sights in the desert. At least once a night he'd end up polishing that old chestnut.
I don't think Mr. KFI is around anymore. I wonder what happened to him.
Anyway that is one clear memory of my college years, the rest is a little hazy.