Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good Things about the Ox

No-frills, determined, ox-like me. I was born in the year of the Ox and always felt slightly insulted that such an unlovely, ponderous beast of burden was my Chineese astrological animal.
My other astrological sign, Saggitarius, I liked better. It was sexier; it made a better tattoo.
However, now I see the value and the importance of being an ox.
The ox is not sexy, but the ox gets the job done. The ox will work at a steady pace, each day, making that day something solid in which to plant seeds and later to harvest. The ox drops into bed each night knowing that the day was not wasted, but that it was part of a larger scheme, a master plan for survival and growth.
It's not glamorous being an ox, but it's very practical.
Practical becomes a commodity in itself, the practical animal can guide all those other silly animals with their tricks and their vanity over a mountain, across some treacherous waters and safely to the other side.


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