Tuesday, September 02, 2008

National Politics

This Sarah Palin pregnant daughter story is just too much to ignore.
I am not a McCain voter, never would have been but he certainly got my attention with his pick for VP.
However, today I think she was not a good choice.
A woman with a special needs infant and a pregnant teenage daughter has some personal problems to attend to. She really has not business leaving her family; they need her worse than John McCain does.
Did her daughter get pregnant as a cry of attention? Who is taking care of the baby? First Dude?
As a woman with children, I learned that many of my own ambitions and desires were put on the back burner for the needs of my kids.
I can't respect a woman who puts her political career above her home.
There are other women in the Republican Party, women whose children are grown.
Why didn't McCain pick one of them?


At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Toi said...

i agree totally. he picked her because he likes young, pretty women. obviously. If she has any sense, she'd step back and tend to her family.


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