Friday, July 25, 2008

Still Republican Friendly

Yesterday I took my kids down the street to watch the Ogden Pioneer Days Parade.

I haven't been to a parade for years due to extreme hassle of attending one in the Portland area.

The parade started with alot of military representation. Hill AFB sits just to the south of Ogden and is a huge employer and influence on the whole area.

Also making their presence known, as if it weren't already, was our Lord and Savior's church here on earth. A procession of at least 50 missionaries, elders and sisters, walked down the parade route, clutching their scriptures singing "Onward Ever Onward." The crowd went wild and I got all choked up, encouraging my kids to cheer them on.

The state rep for our congressional district showed up, as did the news team from Channel 5, along with few other local minor celebrities I didn't recognize.

Sitting behind me were a few women decked out in all their Utah-esque glory. Teased and bleached hair, nails, carefully coordinated outfit, you know the type.

One of them was particularly loud, she was shouting out in her best Utah twang, "We're proud of you guys," or curiously, "Thanks for coming to Ogden," revealing Ogden's status as 2nd or even 3rd choice when it comes to Pioneer Day Parades.

Then what did we see coming down the street? A huge Barak Obama in a cowboy hat float.

I encouraged my kids to go wild over that. It was the Weber County Democrats- yes, they exist.

I raised my arms and shouted, "YAY DEMOCRATS!"

One of the Democrats walked over to me and we did the fist bump thing in an awkward, white, way.

The loud woman behind me was strangely quiet, no "We're proud of you guys," no "Thanks for coming to Ogden."

I kept cheering on the Weber County Democrats and I felt alot like myself.


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