Friday, February 29, 2008

Things that are pissing me off

I just moved to Utah.
There are a few things pissing me off.
1. Haven't gotten a job yet.
2. Can't talk to Melissa because her phone is a piece of shit and she doesn't have internet access.
3. Sales Tax
4. Pumping my own gas.
5. Smog-Holy Shit the air quality is terrible. I never lived along the Wasatch Front before but I've been here often enough to know that there is an air-quality issue, but living with this thick haze is making me and my kids hack.
6. My dilapidated duplex smells like cat piss when I've been gone for a few hours and the place has been shut up. Can't wait for that 100 degree + weather this summer.
7. Sprawl, so much sprawl.
8. The water tastes like shit.
9. Cable TV. We used rabbit ears in Portland forever and we got enough channels to get by. I had to get cable here in order to get any channels. We 'accidentally' got the full package even though I wanted the basic package. Anyway, the children are watching way too much TV. I know that this is something I can control and should control, but it was easier when we didn't even have it.
10. The recreation district is a joke compared to Tualatin Hills. Don't even get me started on how inadequate it is. I'll start to cry.
11. Ugh, the local newspaper stinks and the Opinion page should be burned, not printed. Oy! The Ogden Standard-Examiner does not address social issues at all; Just crime, punishment, and laws- Never their causes. I really need to write them and set them straight.
12. I'll keep thinking about it and get back to you later.