Friday, July 20, 2007

Ode to my little Blue Lunch Bag

Soft and squishy,
manufactured in China, a polar bear gracing your front flap.
How many jobs have I dragged you to? How many refrigerators have I stuffed you inside of?

You were purchased at Wal-Mart over seven years ago. You accompanied me to my first ever call-center job (wheeee!)
You slogged through four years of lunches at The Big Bad Insurance Company. You tagged along to several other random and forgettable jobs.
Upon the birth of my children, I used you for sippy cups and snack storage.

I'd say I got well over my $6.99's worth of use out of you.

I've thought about replacing you, but why? You always preformed your duty faithfully, keeping my food safe, away from the food of others.

A while back, your handle started detaching from the rest of you, your sides becoming grimy, but no less beloved.
This morning you finally became unusable. The black plastic latch that holds your top to your bottom is broken beyond repair.
Little lunch box, tis the end of an era.
I'll give you a proper burial.
Say hello to your brethren in the municipal graveyard of broken cast-off, plastic stuff.
You had a good life.
Rest in peace.