Saturday, October 28, 2006


I love dangly earrings.

But not every dangly earring; there are some ugly-ass earrings out there.

My friend, Jenny, says that a pair of dangly earrings can make pajamas look glamorous. She is rarely seen without some funky bauble dusting her jawline.

Last spring I bought a wonderful pair of dangly East Asian-inpsired earrings with all sorts of beads and clanky charms jingle jangling all over the place.
I wore them alot and constantly fought off my baby's grabby little fingers. He couldn't resist all that action swinging from Mama's ears and I didn't want my earlobes bleeding.
But, I started getting the feeling that my signature earrings were bad luck; perhaps loaded with some mass-produced Hindu curse.
Firstly, I wore them to a job interview that I swear I nailed, but they never calle dme back.
I wore them the day I fell down and ruptured the quad tendon in my right knee. I'm still wearing the brace, BTW.
I tried to lose them that day by taking them off and throwing them down in a friend's car, but they made their way back.

Next I was wearing them when an orthopedic doctor told me how bad my injury was and that I needed surgery immediately.
I threw them in the garbage that time.
Maybe they weren't really cursed. I know they weren't and sometimes I want to go back to World Cost Plus Market tand get another pair.

Thursday I was standing next to a display of dangly earring. Buy One Get One Free!I impulsively bought two pairs of extra-dangly, sparkly, swingy, swanky earrings. I love moving my head any little way and feeling the jingle bells.
Batman Smells.
Mama has new jewelry.


At 2:52 PM, Anonymous jenny the compassionate said...

i luv dis paintin....i vant it on the ceiling ov my livingroom.....where can i find it? you are a princess of the nile, an ice are the mother of the earth, and two brown are the secret lover of ganghis khan, and john the baptist's wet had better dam well wear those dangly earings girl!!!!
you have my heart,

At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't worn real 'girly' (aka dangling) earrings in ages (I have a pair of tiny diamond studs that I've worn for eons), but my husband did buy my a nice pair of drop earrings for Christmas last year and I just don't wear them enough. Of course it could just be because I'm freaked out by the fact that they're going to get snagged in my curly mane. Still, it IS nice to have something light and airy hanging near your neck, isn't it?? (Good choice of art for the post, too!)


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