Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time and its temptations.

My last post is 2 and a half weeks old. In cyber-time I might as well be dead.
What have I been doing? Nothing fun I assure you. I wish I'd been on vacation or had guests from out-of-town, but fate has not been so kind.
I took a nasty fall down a steep slope and injured myself quite badly. I actually had surgery. I've never had surgery before, except a c-section and I was up and around only two days after that.
My current status is disabled, really.
I can't walk into my apartment unassisted, I can't take care of my children, I can't drive, can't shop, can't walk to the mailbox. I'm home-bound, all alone, and it's a little weird.
Now I have time, time do to whatever I want as long as I can do it at home. Thanks to the internet, I can indeed do a lot from home, I could stay house-bound forever become one pale, ratty and paranoid recluse. But that's not me, I like going outside.

Ironic really, here I finally have all the time in the world, and I'm using it to resist certain amusments.
For example, I could have the TV on all day and really get a schedule going, but I'm resisting that temptation. Yesterday I did watch Oprah, I tried to pretend I didn't know she was about to come on, and yesterday's show wasn't even that good, but I watched and I'll probably watch again today. Cheating husbands, on today's Oprah.
I could also spend the whole day chatting on craigslist about any varity of subjects, but I've not gone there . . . yet.
Most tempting of all and therefore the thing I must resist the most is eating.
I could and dread to spend my day eating all the junk in the house. You see, my husband is back and being a skinny man, he can fill the fridge with whatever he likes, being a full-figured woman I must bear down and do something to ignore all the junk he's brought home.
It's not easy.

Help me Oprah.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger J.P. said...

A few years ago I read about a couple who would keep all the junk food in a locked trunk. The husband ate it, but the wife didn’t want the temptation of even having access to it. They reached what was kind of a compromise, whereby he held onto the key and never made her look at the stuff inside.

At 11:39 PM, Blogger Cityslicker Mom said...

hey girl. glad you are back home. I will email you.


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