Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why the Oxygen Network has no credibility.

This item appeared on the internet yesterday: "Women like Tech Toys more than Shoes"
Let me tell you right now: This does not apply to Me.
I think Sony or Verizon wrote this press release and paid the Oxygen Network to release it.
The first part of the article says that some group of women were given a choice between a plasma TV and a diamond solitare necklace and most of them chose the TV. As a woman, I must way we are hard-wired to put beautiful things on our bodies, not zone out in front of a mini-movie screen watching car chases and balls swooshing through hoops or goals or end zones or whatever.
Why would you choose a fancy schmancy TV when the old one works just fine over a real diamond necklace? It's not possible.
I guess men can't understand the allure of jewelry and I can't break it down other than to say it makes you look and feel good. TV dosn't make you feel pretty. You can't put a TV around your neck and feel the lights sparkling and the heavenly weight of money and love pressing against your throat like a crown. TV can't do that!

The article also says that women are just as tech savvy as men, this I believe- but still the part about TVs over diamonds, just dosn't ring true.

What do you think girls? Is this total baloney or what?


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Catherine Larimer said...

I think that jewelry vs. TV are too few options. These sorts of polls claim to be reporting on a represenative cross-section of women, but the generalizations are just too broad to be legitimate. I think the Ozygen network has the same problem--it's one of too few options in terms of networks that specialize in programing for women. Plus, it feeds into the stereotype that all of the little ladies only enjoy watching talk shows, and movies about unrealistic romances.

Actually, I don't care for precious gems at all--I'd much rather have the television.


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