Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Land that I Love

I've never been so excited about an election. This was the best election ever. I'm trippin': Go America!
Take That Neocons! See, you can't just run a country like you own the place. This is American and we're taking our country back from you assholes.
We are partying like the Superbowl here at my house. Little sausages, chips and salsa and a wicked sense of poetic justice.
Next to resign: George W Bush. Political Capital my ass.
How did that idiot ever get elected in the first place? I'm proud to say that I never voted for him and I'm a registered Republican.
Yeee-Hawww, Go Democrats. My friend Vicki was a loyal Democrat her whole life and I'm sure she's having a party in heaven.
Donkeys Rule.


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