Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day and the Mountains

Memorial Day means more during war time. I'm grateful to live in the United States. I'm also well aware that many of my fellow citizens spent their Memorial Day in dusty, hostile and miserable foreign countries while I spent my Memorial Day in the cool, placid mountians of Oregon.

Thank You servicemen & women for your ultimate sacrifce.

Nobody has ever come out and said that the Iraq war was started because George W. wanted to settle a family grudge against Saddam Hussein. But that's what I think. Even if we hadn't been traumatized by Sept. 11, George and the neo-cons would have drummed up some other excuse for invading Iraq.

I saw our fearless leader speaking on Memorial Day. He thanked the dead for their sacrifice then added that we wouldn't tarnish their memories by giving up the fight. We would finish the mission.

I wished he would have just left it at "thank you."


At 6:05 PM, Anonymous rich said...

A big amen. But you forgot a few reasons:

Control of a vast sea of oil, biggest puddle in the middle east.

Billions of dollars into the pockets of professional war mongers, aka "defense contractors" who helped to elect the shrub.

He's just plain stupid and thought he would achieve victory by throwing a few brave (wo)men on the fire of his vanity. What a retard.


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