Saturday, May 06, 2006

Citizen Uses Ironic Political Satire

While walking out of a coffee shop, my jaw about hit the pavement. A man wearing a white towel over his head, huge black sunglasses, and an obviously-fake beard was driving a white van slowly through the parking lot.
I almost dropped my iced latte.
He saw me staring and theatrically stroked his beard.
I pivoted, a few other people stared at him, then I saw the signs in the back of the van and started running after him.

I knocked on the window of his van, I tried to get him to stop or roll the window down. He probably thought I was pissed off and ready to rumble.
Praise Jesus, I had my digital camera on me and started taking pictures as he drove past.
He must have seen what I was doing because he stopped the van, jumped out and gave me this great pose.
Unfortunatly you can't read the writing on the signs in this picture, Damnit.
The Left side says: "Disgraced traitor John Kerry" with a great picture of a 2-faced Kerry.
The Right side says: "Arabs for Bush" and "Vote Bush."
We didn't talk, as soon as I put the camera down, he said he had to get back to work and drove away.


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