Thursday, May 25, 2006

Friends with Benefits

I'm watching prime time with my family tonight, and a new show called 'Falcon Beach' is being previewed on ABC Family.
A clip from the show has one teenager suggesting to another that they could be 'friends with benefits.'
This is family television? Remember, Disney owns ABC - lovely.

I've always found the concept of 'friends with benefits' an absurd one, and certainly not one I want to see explored on a family TV show.
The whole 'friends with benefits' charade was invented by a man, or rather a group of irresponsible guys. It's the latest round in the centuries-old game of men trying to get sex for free.
Women can't really sleep with a man regularly without developing feelings for him, we're just not hard-wired that way.
I've known my share of tough chics who like to play like they don't care for the guy and they're screwing, but it's a bunch of crap.
Women have emotional needs, and guys don't want to deal with all that heavy stuff. They just want sex.
So some frat-boy or boys invented 'friends with benefits',then marketed it as the hip new way for men and women to relate.
They even gave it a cool catch-phrase, because what woman would participate in something that really should be called 'prostitution without the money'?


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Catherine Larimer said...

The older I get, the more difficult relationships with men seem to become, for me and for a lot of people around me. I think "friends with benefits" may be a symptom of people looking for ANYTHING that might work without being SO difficult. The obvious problem, of course, is that the quality ofrelationships, like almost everything in life, reflects how much work we put into them. The more we invest, the stronger they are. People who have any sort of awareness know that "friendship with benefits" isn't worth the inconvenience, because something that asks for so little, gives back so little. So all it really does is wastes our time, and generates even MORE laundry for us to do. And women, at least the women I know, seem more inclined to this fundamental reasoning, which doesn't seem quite so fundamental for many a man out there. We still need to work on having them do their own laundry, without expecting us to do it for them, rather than letting them generate even more for us to do.


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